Every triathlon is a test of your fitness, your skills, and your limits. At Athleticamps, our coaches are experts at helping you prep for the race-day test. They combine the science of exercise physiology with the art of motivation and add their experience in competing and training triathletes at all levels.

Building-block approach

We’re proud to offer a very different kind of coaching experience. Instead of canned coaching packages, we design a personal coaching for each athlete. We create our coaching plans by combining building blocks that can include: 


Evolutionary coaching
Good coaching is also not a one-and-done deal. It's an ongoing process of strengthening your pluses and eliminating your minuses to help you move ahead. Whether you’re training for your first tri or prepping for Kona, we view coaching as an evolving process. It includes talking and listening, staying in touch, answering questions, tracking your progress, and refining your plan to move you closer to your goal.

Your coach's commitment
At Athleticamps, your coach will invest in you, keep commitments, plan your program when you’re not standing right there, and work closely with you to make sure you achieve results. Yes, our coaches keep athletes accountable, but they also understand that coaching is an interactive process that requires as much listening as it does providing direction and advice.

When you join our coaching program, you get a coach that has a passion for triathlon competition and a commitment to seeing that you succeed. It may sound strange, but your progress is our product, which means that your success is our success. 

Talk to us
Contact us with questions or to get started designing a personal coaching plan that works for you.