Understanding your unique physiology and fitness profile are vital to making real progress toward your goals. At Athleticamps, we combine lab-graded equipment and years of testing experience to provide you with a comprehensive view of your current fitness level, heart rate, and power training zones, giving you an accurate benchmark to track your progress. We also offer SRM Torque Analysis, the gold standard for understanding pedal stroke dynamics to optimize your cadence at different intensity levels.

If you opt for our full battery of physiological and biomechanical tests, your results will include:

  • Heart-rate and power-training zones

  • Wattages at threshold and peak of power

  • Body-composition assessment

  • Watts per kilo of body weight at threshold and peak

  • Graphical representation of your unique pedal stroke

  • Detailed review of testing results

  • Specific workouts using your training zones

  • Training consultation

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Check out the services pages below for detailed explanations of the tests we offer.

"I know have a thorough understand as to how performance testing can benefit my training.  Your experience and professional approach give me the confidence that I am training correctly towards my goals" - Mark (Auburn, CA)

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Performance Testing Services