At Athleticamps, we combine the latest technology with old-world mastery to create a harmonious fit between you and your bike. Our menu of services covers every point and aspect of your interaction with your road, off-road, triathlon, or spin-class bike—from foot and cleat adjustments to seat selection to our comprehensive process for whole-body, in-motion bike fitting. We also provide a unique service to ensure your new bike purchase will be a good fit.

Check out our blog post to find out what makes our comprehensive bike-fitting process such a stand-out solution.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our fitting process.

"I love the new bike fit!  Completed the metric yesterday with no problems.  Left knee doing great and the angle for my foot change you made I believe is the main improvement.  My pedal stroke is so much better! Thanks for all you do to make cycling even more fun and pain free" - Bill (Sacramento, CA)

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Bike Fitting Services