At Athleticamps, we apply a unique and highly personalized approach to skills training that we've perfected over many years.

  • S - Systematic, structured, and stepped approach that begins by assessing your current skills and creating a skills training program tailored to you.

  • A - Ability and confidence continue to grow as you move through each step to the next.

  • F - Foundation is critical to building successful habits. We fill in any gaps to establish a solid base across the skills' spectrum and help you build from there.

  • E - Excellence in instruction and outcome. We’ve been doing this for a very long time, which means we can quickly assess, instruct, and help you turn new skills into second nature.

Our background of racing motorcycles, cars, road bikes, and mountain bikes has given us a unique understanding of bike handling dynamics and how bike handling skills relate to the ever-changing environments you face when riding.

Our approach to training works for all levels—cyclists who are learning skills for the first time, refining what they know, replacing bad habits with better techniques, or taking on expert-level challenges.  

Through our coaching, we strive to make you safer. Safer translates to more confidence. And more confidence translates to greater competence in any condition.

"Thank you for all your expert guidance during my skills sessions.  Not only do I feel safer on my bike, I have a lot more confidence riding on downhills and groups.  I totally see the value of one-on-one coaching when it comes to something which is so important" - Joan (Folsom, CA.)

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