Italy was made for riding your bike!

Every time we take a group to Italy, it never ceases to amaze me how cycling and Italy seems to have been made for each other. There are endless roads through vineyards, small towns, and the mountains that make each day on the bike an adventure. The locals are friendly, relaxed, and there is always someone that proclaims, “It would be great to move here!”

The 2018 trip was the first time we visited the region around Basso Del Grappa (only 1 hour from Venice) and one thing is for sure, it did not disappoint and we are headed back in 2019!

From a riding perspective, there are multiple terrain options. We can ride into the Dolomite mountain range, roll along the foothills and Brenton river valley (similar to the terrain around Loomis, Rocklin and Granite Bay) or even have dead flat roads suited for recovery days. The reason is our hotel is situated right at the foot of a unique geography of Mount Grappa and one of the most famous paragliding locations in the world. As you can see from the pictures, it’s riding like you have never done before with little traffic and spectacular views around every switchback.

When we design our trips we purposly include many cultural and historical options. Don’t get me wrong, we still do tons of riding, but also like to balance our riding with the local culture. Whether it’s traveling to hill top towns or visiting World War I history that took place in the area, every day also takes advantage of the local region off the bike. That is why we offer a non-rider option (like a spouse), so they too can take advantage of what this part of Italy has to offer.

A typical day is riding in the morning, back to hotel for lunch, hook up with the group that took a morning cultural trip and spend the afternoon together traveling to another regional location and then returning for dinner. It’s a schedule that works good and keeps everyone extremely busy!

Pedal assisted bikes are becoming very popular in Italy these days and we are also looking at next year offering that option, so everyone can take advantage of the area the way it was meant to be, on a bike!

Some of the many pictures and video are listed below, you can also view them in the Italy 2018 picture gallery here. We hope you join us in 2019! If interested, contact us here.

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2018 Picture Gallery

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