Structured Indoor Workouts


Structured Indoor Workouts


Athleticamps offers personalized indoor training sessions.  These are directed by an Athleticamps coach and will be designed with your current fitness and goals in mind.

There are many reasons to consider a coached indoor training ride:

  • Education - during the session we will discuss training principles that can be used to help you improve your outdoor training.  We can review the training you have done and provide suggestions to apply as you move forward.
  • Time crunched - if you find that time is at a premium, a coached indoor workout can help you take full advantage of the time you have.  It can be the most efficient and effective training you perform.
  • Encouragment - nothing helps keep you on track during your session like having a personal coach urging you through the hardest part of the workout.
  • Focus - riding indoors allows us to control every aspect of the workout inputs.  Warmup, cool down, interval length and effort, rest intervals, etc. are all precise.  By avoiding the variability of the road we can help dial in the exact workout you need.
  • Safety - whether there are too many cars on the road or the weather is bad, indoor training is a safe alternative to riding outdoors.

When you schedule an appointment with us we will provide you with the following:

  • omputrainer with remote power input that allows the coach to control effort (please bring your own bike)
  • 1-2 hour workout (as agreed upon when setting up the appointment), setup and guided by a coach
  • Quick summary at the conclusion of the workout and tracking of workouts utilizing Training Peaks
  • The opportunity to incorporate lactate testing into the workout, which helps to establish training zones and track progress
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