Hammerin' Wheels Improvement Center

Hammerin' Wheels Improvement Center

Hammerin' Wheels members-

I welcome you to AthletiCamps, the company I created 14 years ago to help cyclists of all levels improve their performance and enhance their enthusiasm of the sport of cycling. I have seen the tremendous physical and psychological benefits that occur when someone is actively engaging in a sport they enjoy. As someone who has participated in cycling for over 30 years, I can guarantee that the time you spend focused on improving your riding will help you in many aspects of your life.  When you take advantage of our services, I can promise improvement in your cycling while having a blast doing it!

Let me introduce you to the services, events and special discounts we offer HW members.  Be sure check the site often for the latest events and offers. 

Bruce Hendler - President and Head Coach

"The Athleticamps staff is knowledgable and professional.  My fit has allowed me to be more comfortable on the bike, plus they offered me many tips to improve my performance overall.  I highly recommend you take advantage of this great service they are offering our club" - Jeff Sanford, President Hammerin' Wheels


Special Limited Bike Fitting, Performance Testing and Torque Analysis Promotion 

View and print the data sheet PDF here

As a HW sponsor, AthletiCamps is offering all members a special limited promotion for bike fittings, torque analysis and performance testing. This is separate from the standard 10% member discount, which remains in effect at all other times.

The price schedule for this limited promotion is listed below.  A non-refundable deposit of $100 is due for one service (this includes bike fitting with multiple bikes) and $150 for two or more services (e.g. fittings and testing.)

Balance due will be collected at the time of the service.

Sign up directions:

      1. Reserve your appointment by paying the $100 deposit ($150 for more than one service) using the Paypal link below.
      2. You will get an email confirming your reservation
      3. You will be able to reserve your appointment(s) by just calling AthletiCamps to schedule.  
      4. Appointments for this special promotion will take place during the months of March, and April 
Service Promo Price  Regular Price 
Retul bike fitting -road $195  $275
Retul bike fitting - TT  $235  $325
Torque analysis  $125  $175
Lactate  testing  $125  $175
VO2 testing $125  $175

Reservation and Cost

Special Promotion



Professional Retül Bike Fitting

Regardless of your age, experience, or ability, you should be able to ride your bicycle comfortably, efficiently, and pain-free. AthletiCamps bicycle fitting process combines state-of-the-art technology with old-world bike-fitting expertise to deliver the most exceptional fit experience anywhere.

Not only does AthletiCamps use the best technology, they take time to look at every athlete through a physical therapist's eyes. Successful bike fitting start with the athlete and their own structural and neurological fitness. AthletiCamps offers a complete solution by looking at each athlete and offering up any off-bike exercises that are needed.

The value is a comfortable, efficient fit that benefits you mile after mile after mile...

Discover more about the advantages of bike fitting utilizing Retül technology...

Performance Testing

No matter what your goal or level, performance testing has the potential to benefit all riders, whether your goals are racing or improving performance in centuries. Testing provides you with a blueprint of what type of athlete you are and a benchmark of your current fitness level. Using this valuable information and knowing your goals, an accurate training program can be applied and lead to improvement.

The value is you will come away with the security that your program is based off of your unique physiology in a controlled testing environment, and not created from guess work.  

Discover more about your Performance Testing options and their value...

Torque Analysis to Improve Your Pedal Stroke

Measuring your pedal stroke's torque is one of the best methods to optimize cadence at different intensity levels, help improve your bike fit, and monitor the injury rehabilitation progress. Our SRM Torque Analysis System gives our athletes a complete graphical distribution of power during all 360 degrees of the pedal revolution.   This in turn allows us to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of different pedaling styles.

Discover more about Torque Analysis here....

Saddle Library Demo Program

A critical component of any cyclist's comfort and performance on the bike is the saddle.  The better a saddle fits an individual, the more comfortable that person will be while riding the bike.  This directly translates into riding faster, stronger, and longer, as well as not encountering lingering issues off the bike. 

Find your comfortable saddle here...