Bike Skills : Systematic approach focused on safety and confidence

Bike Skills

"I have been riding a bike for the last 5 years and have always felt unsafe in terms of my skills.  Just three sessions with Athleticamps and I am a more confident rider.   Their foundational approach works and I would encourage any level of cyclist to participate in their program!" - Greg

The AthletiCamps S.A.F.E. system leads to results

At Athleticamps, we apply our own unique approach to each athlete that desires to improve their skills on the bike:

  • S - Systematic, structured, and stepped approach
  • A - Ability and confidence continue to grow
  • F - Foundation is critical to building successful habits
  • E - Excellence in instruction and outcome 

Our philosophy to coaching bike skills is effective for cyclists of all disciplines and ability levels.  We coach fundamental skills that build upon themselves in succession in order to create a solid foundation of learning and adaption.

Through our coaching, we strive to make you safer.  Safer translates to more confidence.  More confidence translates to more competence in any condition.

Our background of racing motorcycles, cars, road bikes, and mountain bikes has given us a unique understanding of bike handling dynamics and how bike handling skills relate to the ever changing environment faced while riding.

Whether you desire to focus on cornering, braking, pack riding or mountain biking,  we have the staff and the experience to coach you to success. 

Each session includes:

  • Pre-session 1:1 consultation to determine goals for the rider
  • Personalized 1.5 hour- 1:1 coach/instructor session
  • Video analysis
  • Session summary that includes: post session discussion, prep for next session, at-home practice skills 
Service Price
1.5 hour session $195
3 or more sessions $175 per session (paid up front)