Swimming stroke analysis - Single session

Swimming stroke analysis - Single session

The AthletiCamps 2-hour Freestyle Swim Technique and Stroke Assessment is the very best way available to improve your freestyle swim using cutting edge coaching methods and full video and online swim form and stroke analysis.  Each session has a maximum of 2 attendees which allows for personalized instruction.

AthletiCamps prides itself on catering to your needs and abilities in order to personalize your program and optimize your performance. The complete assessment is very interactive, with plenty of discussion regarding your individual swim form and stroke. 

Each session is divided into three components:

Swim stroke theory include:

    • The fundamentals of freestyle technique and stroke
    • Efficiency in the pool, so you can swim further with less effort.
    • Generating more propulsion in the water, so you can swim faster without working harder.
    • Balance and rhythm, so you can integrate efficiency and propulsion into smooth effortless swimming.
    • Mobility, stability, and core strength for performance, key components to training and optimal performance.  Assessments will be performed in all these areas to determine current abilities and areas for improvement.

Practical pool sessions include:

    • Extensive stroke videotaping above and below the water. Being able to see yourself swimming from a range of different angles then having your technique and stroke constructively critiqued is an amazingly powerful process.
    • Technique evaluation and corrective Instruction based on your personal video analysis
    • Practical application showing you how to implement your individualized corrective instructions into a 'normal' training session.

Online swim form and stroke analysis includes:

    • Video stoppage and still motion capabilities. 
    • Frame by frame review capabilities for form and stroke technique timing analysis
    • Video feedback with corrective prompts and instructions

What to bring:

    • Swimming gear, i.e. swim suit, cap and goggles.
    • Loose comfortable clothing for land-based practical sessions.
    • A pull buoy, paddles and pair of flippers or fins (lap swimming variety)
    • An open mind and the willingness to learn new skills to help you improve!
    • A packed lunch or snack if needed.
    • Jump drive or memory stick for video analysis and handout data transfer.  At least 4mb of free space.

Cost - $135-$185


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