Swimming stroke analysis - Multiple sessions

Swimming stroke analysis - Multiple sessions

The initial session for the three pack session follows the same process as described in the single session package.  Follow-up sessions are 1 hour in length and separated by  1-2 months.  

Swim stroke theory includes:

    • Reinforce the fundamentals of the freestyle stroke specific to your personalized video assessment
    • Review  efficiency, propulsion and balance/rhythm in the pool
    • Re-assess flexibility and core strength

Practical pool session includes:

    • Follow-up stroke videotaping above and below the water. Using the follow-up video to assessment components of your technique that have improved and areas that need continued corrective instruction.  This component will build on the previous session(s).
    • Practical application additional direction on how to implement your individualized corrective instructions into 'normal' training sessions.

What to bring:

    • Swimming gear, i.e. swim suit, cap and goggles.
    • Loose comfortable clothing for land-based practical sessions.
    • A pull buoy, paddles and pair of flippers or fins (lap swimming variety)
    • An open mind and the willingness to learn new skills to help you improve!
    • A packed lunch or snack if needed.
    • Jump drive or memory stick for video analysis and handout data transfer.  At least 4mb of free space.

Cost - $275-$375


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