Cycling Gold/Gold Plus Coaching Plans : Heart rate based training for the serious cyclist

Cycling Gold/Gold Plus Coaching Plans


Our heart rate based coaching program is intended for the serious cyclist.  Whether you are racing or preparing for a challenging organized event, we structure a detailed plan that is updated every week. You will have weekly interaction with your coach to discuss training and your program will be updated weekly and built around your schedule and objectives. We will review you heart rate training files and provide feedback on your training response. 

The Gold plan includes:

  • Yearly planning
  • Coach contact - Weekly in person or through email/phone
  • Program delivery - Detailed every week
  • Workout revisions - 4x per month
  • Nutritional guidelines - Yes
  • Race Prep - Yes
  • Monthly group training session
  • Contract commitment - 6 months

The Gold Plus plan includes:

  • Gold Plan
  • Retül bike fitting - 1 x
  • Performance testing - 3x (Lactate, VO2)
  • Additional performance testing/bike fitting during contract - 10% discount

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Gold Plan - $225 monthly
Gold Plan Plus - $345 monthly (6 month commitment paid at beginning of contract period)

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